Our Story

Founded in 2016, the Foundation aims to alleviate financial barriers for children and youth from needy families. Through our educational initiatives and charitable support, we seek to empower their lives and nurture their talent for a brighter future.

Our Vision is to empower all children and youth of all races so that they may have an equal opportunity to excel as well-rounded citizens who can herald a better tomorrow for our world.

Our Mission is to build impactful and sustainable programmes, that strengthen the pillars of home, school and societal support which in turn promotes the holistic development of less fortunate children and youth in Singapore.

  • We provide aid, relief and support for vulnerable or disadvantaged youths.
  • We support charities and social organisations, such as children’s shelters or places of refuge.
  • We support the provision of food and nutritional care for relief.
  • We participate in creating opportunities for educational growth.